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Na`VI verkündet die Verpflichtung eines neuen Spielers namens Perfect. Dieser kommt vom Team Syman. Nach Gerüchten wurde für den neuen talentieren Spieler eine Ablöse in Höhe von 200.000 Euro bezahlt.

GuardiaN wird zukünftig auf der Bank sitzen. Der offizielle Grund sei wohl die Sprachbarriere, die oftmals beim Spielen aufgetreten sei.

„A few days after Epicenter, we spoke with the players and agreed that the squad did not have the synergy we expected to have by the end of the year. Everybody tried very hard and progress was noticeable but in critical moments of the match, we lacked the coherence where we would react to opponent’s actions as a one unit. One of the reasons is the language barrier, which was especially noticeable in the game against tier-1 teams, where quality and speed of communication is of a great importance. That’s why we decided to replace Ladislav, and s1mple returns to the AWP role, because he is simply the best in that field.“

Coach, Andrew „B1ad3“ Gorodenskiy